Last month our audiology website designs helped practices attract over 72,640 patients.
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“I rely on Educated Patients™ for all my hearing aid marketing. They help us attract patients with our website design, through SEO, social media and direct mail
—all of it.”

Joy Pritchett
Atlanta Hearing Associates

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Last year our audiology marketing helped practices provide well over 495.1 million
dollar’s worth of
hearing aids.
Today it’s your turn.

“We’re helping more patients and selling more hearing aids using Educated Patients’ online marketing ideas and systems.”

Beth Ehrlich-Smith and Ken Smith
Hearing Center of Castro Valley

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Our audiology practice building programs help our members get more done in less time with less stress.
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“I was skeptical too, until I looked at how much Educated Patients™ marketing and coaching helped our practice grow.”

Cynthia Earle
Asheville Audiology Services

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Audiology Website Design,
Audiology Marketing,
SEO, Social Media Marketing
and Practice-Building Programs


Audiology Website Design

Why is your audiology website so important? It’s important because even if you have thousands of prospective patients visiting your site each day, if your website doesn’t prompt them to call your practice, they’ll go to the competition. You could have great traffic to your site and still be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue each year. We’re experts at getting a higher percentage of your web visitors to take action and become a lead — a new patient. Our website designs are based on decades of experience in direct response marketing and website design, and — this is important — on analytics from the hundreds of sites we’ve built and whose performance we track.
We continually evaluate our success and fine tune our strategies, content and designs to keep our clients’ sites working to bring in new patients. Building a website is a business decision. There’s too much at stake to base your website on personal whims or the “flavor of the month” in site design. If you want an audiology website that’s more than a pretty face, a website that will attract new patients and help you grow your practice, talk to us. We’re an audiology digital marketing firm that builds websites based on metrics and gets outstanding results. Call us for a free consultation at 888-469-5497.


Audiology and Hearing Aid Marketing

We work with audiology and hearing aid practice owners who are big picture thinkers; practice owners who want an audiology marketing plan that actually works to attract more hearing aid patients. Our clients realize that marketing, like audiology, is based on testing, data, and expert solutions implemented consistently. When you talk with us, we’ll review your goals, practice size, location and the competition from other audiology and hearing aid practices in your area. Then we’ll show you which hearing aid marketing ideas will work for you and where to focus your marketing to grow your audiology practice. We’ll reveal exactly what to do about SEO, Social Media, advertising and database marketing.
And we’ll show you one simple way to attract 30% more patients in less than 10 minutes a day — at no cost! We’ll work with you to write a customized one-page marketing plan so you can maximize your hearing aid sales. We’ll help you implement your marketing plan, including search engine marketing, social media marketing, and/or pay-per-click advertising and database marketing. You can stay focused on caring for your patients and still see your practice grow. Want more patients? Talk to the marketing experts and find out what will work for your practice. Call us for a free consultation at 888-469-5497.


Audiology Practice Building Programs

We provide individual and mastermind programs for audiology practice owners who want access to marketing, sales and management best practices, and to current ideas from other top audiologists and hearing aid practice owners. We’ve spent thousands of hours researching and developing our appointment setting, counseling and acceptance systems, which have been proven to provide practices with unprecedented growth. If you need ideas on how to sell more hearing aids, we’ve helped our members sell hundreds of thousands of pairs, and we’ll show you how to do the same. Why are our clients so successful? First, we limit access to our programs to already successful audiology, hearing aid and ENT practice owners with high potential to be even more successful.
Then we provide management systems that have been proven to work. Finally, we meet with members regularly to help them:
  • Focus on what matters most
  • Plan and train owners and staff
  • Share proven marketing tools
  • Providing digital marketing services
Most of our new members have been referred to us by existing members who’ve seen their practices grow dramatically. What are you waiting for? Want to grow your practice and get more done in less time with less stress? Discover how. Call us for a free consultation at 888-469-5497.

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The EP patient attraction system includes:
• Direct response websites
• Patient attraction website design
• Mobile site design
• Search Engine Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• Video marketing
• Audiology article marketing
• Press Release practice marketing
• Online patient education
• Reputation management
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The EP more sales system includes:
• Customized Marketing Plan
• Marketing Plan Implementation
• Marketing Event Mailings
• Integrated Online Marketing
• Front Desk Training
• Personal coaching with industry leader
• Practice assessment
• Email patient acceptance system
• More acceptances counseling system
• Repeat sales system
• Market protection system
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The EP profit generating system includes:
• Better cash flow system
• Financing for your practice
• Practice building hotline
• Mastermind meetings with peers
• Proprietary action plan system
• Practice building webinars
• Insurance billing secrets
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